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Why Should You Try An Online Business?

A few months ago I lost most of my business clients due to the financial crunch. Some client’s closed shop while others downsized their operation which resulted in cutting down their workforce. It was terrible because I was with most of them for several years till some started closing shop. It's a sad feeling to see clients stop their operation but it's sadder to see long time friends get their pink slips. You see, I became friends to most of my client’s employees. Sometimes it affects me seeing them crying knowing that they’ve just been fired.

I guess these are just some of the harsh realities of life. We depend on something thinking it will last forever only to realize that it too like everything else has its end.

As I was already feeling the pressure of these things I decided to temporarily stop my consulting business. You see I’m an accounting systems programmer, and quite a capable one. I can automate an entire business operation all by myself. I create very stable accounting systems. So stable that it even outlasted the actual operation of some clients, and that part is a bit sad.

Last May, 2009  I started looking for new ways to make money. Since I am no longer looking for new business clients I needed a source other than the traditional business. So the best alternative that came to mind was the internet. After five months I'm finally earning enough to pay the bills and save a little for future needs. However, things didn't came easy. I had to do a lot to start earning. Starting a business online is much the same as opening a traditional business. Both entails a lot of work, but then once you've made your first dollar online, the rest is easy. 

Looking back, I'm not sorry for making a choice to leave my consulting business and instead venture online. To me it's the best decision that I've ever made. 
Online Business Proof Of Income

My Online Business Proof Of Income For August, 2009

I started my online business May, 2009 but I only started earning some notable income since August. However, I feel lucky because when it came it poured. I was making more than $100 plus per week, sometimes more. By the end of August, I've earned enough to cover the following month's household expenses and more. A lot more for savings. 

I live in a country where a dollar is equivalent to 48 pesos, so that $500 plus is actually equivalent to more than 24,000 here. Definitely enough for my monthly expenses. Today, a week of September has passes already and checking my paypal account. I saw $234 in there already. There's still 3 weeks to go. I feel happy, satisfied even to see that I really made the right decision to build an online business. Althought I spent blood, sweat, and tears for 3 months, on the fourth it paid off, on the fifth I can see it growing. 

The good thing about this is that it is not the only source of income I have. I still have several passive source of income that gives about a hundred dollars without me spending anymore efforts. The others are just small compared to my biggest money earner but I'm not complaining because the other are passive. Meaning the money just comes in without me doing a thing. 

I won't stop giving it 100% of my effort though because I know things will only happen if I move.