Online Business No. 1 - Google's Adsense

For those looking for a free online business, Google's Adsense is a very popular choice. You can easily enroll in their program and it's easy to be accepted as long as you have a blog or a website. 

A website takes time to build, but it's different with a blog. You can easily start a blog at and you can be up and running in just a few hours. You can also apply for a Google Adsense account through and be approved in about 24 hours. 

In this section I'll tell you the story about my Adsense business. Some tips I learned and some recommendations I offer. 

Income For My Adsense Online Business

Every beginner should sign-up for an adsense publisher account. As I mentioned it is one of the easiest online business model to implement. You can put adsense codes on any online property you build and start earning immediately when someone clicks on the adsense ads. 

Here are my observations about the adsense business model:

What I like:

1. Very easy to implement, even someone with little know-how can easily apply for an adsense account and start earning money as soon as he is approved. The minimal requirement is knowledge in blogging to be able to start immediately. 

2. Almost all free blogging and website hosting platforms offer adsense integration. This means you won't have a hard time learning and writing programs to serve adsense ads. 

3. It is from Google. The biggest search engine company in the world. You can be assured of payment once you reach the earnings threshold. This is very important. Being assured of payment should be your primary concern in your online business. There are thousands of program out there that simply do not pay or have a ridiculously high payout that is impossible to reach. However the case is different with adsense. You are assured of payout with it. 

What I don't like:

1. Like most traditional business models, Google's adsense requires tremendous investment of your time and effort. What I mean by this is that since Adsense earnings depends on your content, you must have a lot of quality and original content before you start seeing some decent earnings with adsense. So if you are desperate to get cash in the moment Adsense is not the appropriate business model for you. 

2. You must know high paying words to include in your content. There are certain words that will result in ads with higher click value to be displayed in your blog or site. This is actually common sense. Think about it. I'm sure payments will be higher for ads that sells jet planes rather than ads that sells shirts or business cards. If you have no idea of high paying keywords you might not have a chance at decent earnings. 

Joel Comm an Expert on Adsense

Here's some explanation about Google Adsense given by an expert during a seminar. He explains the basics of adsense, why he uses adsense, gives an idea of how much you can earn through adsense. I hope this will help your online business. 

Here's A Tutorial On How To Use Adsense

Now that you have an idea on what adsense is and what it can do to your online business, here is an actual tutorial on starting with adsense. It uses a free blog from so you won't spend a thing setting this free online business up. Enjoy!